Schupfart Airport

Schupfart airport is my second home base, since 2019 my preferred departure point for most of my sightseeing flights. Not only because of the proximity, but also because of the availability of the aircraft.

In contrast to the other airfields, Schupfart has a short grass runway. After a longer period of rain the airfield can be closed for some days because of the soft ground. In such a case I usually switch to my other home base.

The familiar touch and the contact to other pilots inspire me on this airfield, which is why it has almost become my second home.

From Schupfart, you are very fast in the area of the lake of Zurich, Lake Lucerne, Lake Constance, Säntis or the Bündlerland. Since it does not need an entry-slot, as it is needed in Zurich, a sightseeing flight to another country can also be handled without any problems.


Handling at Schupfart Airfield is very easy for VFR pilots. After creating a flight announcement, nothing blocks your way for an adventure. Schupfart also offers customs, which also makes direct flights to foreign countries very easy.


Schupfart Airport is easily accessible via motorway a2 at Eiken. From Mellingen, I am in about 20 minutes on site and can also offer sightseeing flights in a very short notice.