Airport Grenchen

In Grenchen the flight school Grenchen is stationed, where I enjoyed my flight training.
It is a controlled airfield that listens to the callsign “Grenchen Tower”. Even if the airfield does not look that big, on a beautiful sommer day it can be quiet busy. The handling is very easy.

The proximity to the Alps, Bern, the Seeland and the Jura, there are many beautiful flights possible. Grenchen is closer at the desired than Birrfeld. However, Grenchen has only Piper Archer, resp. Robin DR40 aircraft, for which I currently don’t have a rating for due to availability reasons. For this reason, a flight from Grenchen would have to happen in consultation, as I would approach from Birrfeld. In such a case, the cost of return flight would also have to be covered by you.


The handling of the flight in Grenchen is as easy as in Birrfeld. However, it is a public airfield and is therefore permanently occupied by customs.


The journey to Grenchen is quite easy, the airfield is located directly next to the motorway. From Zurich the journey takes about 60 minutes.