Berne Airport

Sightseeing flights from Berne-Belp are possible in principle, but only by prior arrangement. If you would like to do a flight you have to consider that I might have to charge you the approach from and the return to Birrfeld as well.
However, if I visit someone in Berne and there is the possibility of a sightseeing flight, I will not charge the approach or the return.


The handling at the airport Bern-Belp is very easy. There is a tower that controls the area surrounding the airport. The Tower with the stations “Tower” and “Arrival” is operated by Skyguide.


The easiest way to get to Bern-Belp is via the motorway, but the airport is not right next to it, it takes about 10 minutes to drive to the airport. The airport can also be reached by public transport.