What I do

I work as IT system engineer and part time as freelance simulatorpilot at Skyguide. Aviation is my hobby, which I like to share with other people.

What is important to me?

During a sightseeing flight, the wellbeing of my passengers and myself, as well as the safety, are most important for me. Of course, the fun and freedom of flying should not be neglected.

What means home to me?

Home is, where you feel at home. My home is in Mellingen or on the way with my little camping bus.


Happy Landings


Performed flights


Total flight hours


Flight hours as pilot in command


Years in possession of my private pilot license

Sightseeing flights

You want to make a flight, no problem, give me your desired flight route, let me advise you or choose from the predefined flights routes.

Photo flights

You want to take pictures of a certain mountain, a village or another landmark such as the House of Parliament? No problem. All is possible from the airplane, as well as by drone. You can ask me for both.