Objective of the measures

Valid from May 11th, 2020, replaces all previous instructions.

The aim of the measures is to protect guests, passengers and pilots from infection with the new coronavirus or to slow down its spread (containment). It is also important to protect people who are particularly at risk.


The COVID-19 Ordinance 2 (818.101.24) of the federal government as well as the Labor Act (SR 822.11) and its ordinances apply.

These instructions are aimed at all persons who are at the Schupfart or Birrfeld airfield, resp. perform a sightseeing flight with rundflug-birrfeld.ch and are binding. The pilot (pilot in command) is responsible for compliance with this safety concept and has the authority to issue instructions.

With the request for a sightseeing flight, the passenger and all occupants agree to the present protection concept. The pilot is responsible for compliance with it during the flight project.

Every person taking part in the flight has the right to waive the flight at any given time (Just Culture).

General hygiene measures

Crew and passengers who are sick or feel sick stay at home. You are not allowed to be part of the flight.

People who suffer from illnesses or allergies that lead to coughing or sneezing, as well as people belonging to a risk group, must wear a protective mask when in close contact with other people (distance <2m). Everyone present on the airfield clean their hands regularly. Hand disinfectants are provided at the airfields. Wherever possible, the 2m distance rule should be adhered to. You have to bring your own hygiene masks. Exceptionally, masks can be obtained from the airport secretariat (while stocks last). Sanitary facilities and attack surfaces such as switches, door latches, etc. are regularly disinfected by the staff in addition to the usual cleaning intervals. Letters / instructions are given in rooms where a distance of 2m can be given or outdoors.

Before the flight

There are max. 2 people allowed in the briefing-room.

Latex gloves must be worn when refueling. These are disposed of in the lockable bins specially provided for this purpose next to the petrol pump

During the flight

In the cockpit, the 2m distance rule cannot be adhered to due to the limited space available. Face masks must therefore always be worn.

Pilots and passengers who live together in the same household are exempt from the mask requirement in the cockpit as long as no third party is on board.

Face masks or other hygiene measures must not hinder the crew (pilot) at work. If difficulties arise in flight with the masks that endanger the safe conduct of the flight (e.g. restricted vision, communication difficulties between the crew or with ATC, fogged glasses, hindrance to breathing), the crew may take off the breathing masks.

During taxi, if possible leave the cockpit hood, doors or windows open or bring them into the intended position (e.g. DA40).

During the flight, fresh air inlets are to be opened if possible (left and right equally strong) in order to allow a large amount of fresh air to enter the cockpit.

Disinfectants may not be carried in the cockpit due to flammability / fire and the risk of evaporation / drowsiness.

After the flight

During taxi, if possible, leave the cockpit hood or doors or windows open or bring them into the intended position (e.g. DA40).

After the flight, the non-personal headsets and the controls in the aircraft must be disinfected by the crew.

The flight group Schupfart, Silvergoose and the Birrfeld airfield provide plastic-friendly cleaning supplies and cleaning towels for the headsets for the club’s own aircraft. The use of other cleaning supplies is strictly prohibited. Cleaning supplies and towels can be found with the cleaning items in the hangar. They are marked accordingly.

Face masks and disposable gloves are disposed of by the users themselves in a resealable container. The corresponding containers are made available and are labeled accordingly. They are emptied daily by instructed staff.

In the debriefing room there are max. 2 people allowed, the 2m rule must be applied at all times.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

For any questions, do not hesitate to ask: info@rundflug-birrfeld.ch