Private flight

Hereby I refer to the private nature of the offered flights. Liability claims are possible according to the legal text below.

The flights offered are private, non-commercial flights, with all legal consequences regarding limitation of liability.


For any domestic and international carriage of passengers, baggage or goods carried by aircraft, the Air Traffic Regulation of 5 September 2005 shall apply, or, where applicable, the Montreal Convention, Montreal Prot. 2, as well as any applicable national provisions.


The carrier is liable only for the proven damage.
Up to the amount of 100,000 SDRs (special drawing rights) a limitation of liability is excluded.

In addition, liability is reduced or excluded if the passenger has caused or caused the damage or if a third party caused or contributed to the damage. Incidentally, the provisions of the Air Transport Ordinance apply.

For proven claims up to the amount of 100,000 SDRs, there is no objection that the carrier did not cause the accident.

In the event of an accident, immediate payments will be made in accordance with the applicable statutory provisions, if applicable.