• Contact me


    After contacting me via whatsapp, email, phone or contact- or bookingform, I will contact you and discuss the details of the flight.

  • Plan the flight


    Depending on the complexity of the desired sightseeing flight, I will plan the flight and the costs. For short flights, I am able give you more detailed information right away.

  • Pay


    Before the sightseeing flight, the planned costs have to be paid in advance. Should we extend the sightseeing flight, the surcharge after the flight have to be compensated.

  • Day of the flight


    On the day of the sightseeing flight you arrive at the agreed time at the airfield. I will then bring you and your guests to the plane directly after the paper work.

  • Safetybriefing


    Once you’ve taken your seat in the plane, I’ll teach you how to behave in an emergency. After a short while, the doors are closed and we taxi to the runway and start the flight.

  • Cleared for Takeoff

  • Cleared to Land


    At the end of each flight, the path leads back to an airport, either in Birrfeld or an airport of your choice, which was chosen during the planning phase.